What is this?

It is a site that has comics.


I don't know.

How long must I wait beside the divine sepulcher?

A very long time.

When shall I become as the swallow?

It will also take awhile.

Why are the comics wildly inconsistent in style, tone, and continuity-- and not just from comic to comic I mean from like page to page?

I have no control over my actions.






How are you qualified to make comics and put them on the internet?

I used to write a comic called A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible. Based on past performance, the Webcomics Licensing Board gave me temporary permission to write and draw this comic.

What are the comics about?

Cartoon dogs, boy millionaires, raisins, life in general.

Will you draw me something?

If you have seen the comics you know that, like most cartoonists, I do not know how to draw. So the answer is yes, I will draw whatever you like.

Will you respond to my crazy email?

Yes. My email address is below.



How often do the comics update?

In the past I have aspired to both never and always. This turns out to about twice a month, though it still varies wildly. You can keep track of updates using the .rss feed, (wretched) twitter, or the skies. When you see a hawk cry out between two grey and lonely windswept mountains, you will know that a new Nerds of Paradise comic has been posted.

Have you written anything else besides these comics?

Sometimes I publish short stories places. The best way to know when this happens is to check my blog. I have also written a novel called Dates Worse Than Fate. It isn't yet published, but you can read about it here, or help me publish it by joining this silly group where we have fun all the time.