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Another Tower Nick Edwards Sam Bornstein  
Ant Comic Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life David Hellman  
A Softer World Octopus Pie Azikiwe Mohammed  
Bird Boy Perfect Stars    
Cat and Girl Pictures for Sad Children Bands  
Dinosaur Comics Puke Force    
Dr. McNinja Rice Boy Intuition  
Dresden Codak Sailor Twain Moonpie  
Final Frontier Study Group Pirates for Sail (Internet-order Pirates)  
Gunshow Ted Rall    
Hark! A Vagrant Tommy Monster Misc & Sundry  
Jess Fink xkcd    
Liz Prince Wondermark Chelleline Cards (Handmade Cards)  
Lucid T.V. Zahra's Paradise Jeff & Casey Time (A Cartoon)  
Nedroid Zorian the Swordlord Lovecraft's Etsy Shop (Handmade Knits)  
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